‘Bullshit’: Chris Cuomo Loses It On Trump For ‘Selling Beans’ Amid Pandemic


Phillip Nieto Contributor
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CNN Host Chris Cuomo went after President Donald Trump on Wednesday night over his recent praise of Goya Foods after boycotts targeted the company for their CEO’s support of the president.

“Let’s start with this. The pandemic is in full effect. It’s feasting on us, especially red states whose governors followed Trump’s trail of denial to their own detriment,” the CNN host said on “Cuomo Prime Time.” “You tell me how a president in the middle of a pandemic has got time for this bullshit?! Are you kidding me? Hawking products? Goya, I don’t care who it is. Resolute desk? This is what he’s resolute about? Pandemic priorities?”

The president’s daughter, Ivanka, shared a photo of her Wednesday supporting Goya Foods with the caption reading, “if it’s Goya, it has to be good.” A photo of Trump posted on Instagram the same day shows him with Goya products on the Resolute Desk. (RELATED: New Lows On Approval Of Trump’s Presidential Performance: Poll)


“On your dime, in the middle of a pandemic, they’re selling beans,” Cuomo declared. “Are you kidding me?! This is not left and right. This is reasonable, my brothers and sisters. The guy is sitting at the Resolute Desk with a bunch of Goya products. Proof positive of why we need many Faucis, but we only have one.”

He added, “What good reason? That’s the question. Now, you say, ‘None.’ OK, so what’s the bad reason? Now things start to look more clear. Shift the blame, put stink on Fauci, sell your beans. Cut out the CDC from data information. What’s the good reason? Well, some hospitals weren’t reporting. What does that have to do with the CDC being cut out? Make them report better. National Guard? Give us the data in the administration? Why? I don’t know a good reason but I know a bad one. Lie, deny, and defy.”

Over 130,000 Americans have died from the virus with number of confirmed cases continuing to rise especially in states that were quick to lift coronavirus restrictions, according to the Washington Post. (RELATED: Georgia Governor Kemp Overrides All Local Mask Mandates)

“The president keeps telling you the problem is testing. You don’t think that has anything to do with his desire for this information? Wake up. This is what’s making us sick.” Cuomo concluded.