Trump Cuts Off Fox Interview To Find Proof Joe Biden Called For Defunding Police — He Couldn’t Find Any According To Wallace

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump interrupted a Friday interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace to provide proof that Joe Biden has endorsed defunding the police, but Wallace says the president couldn’t.

Footage of the incident aired on Fox showed Trump claim Biden signed a charter with Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that called for defunding or abolishing the police. Wallace said the charter called for no such thing. Trump then stopped the interview and asked for a copy of the charter as proof, which Wallace said Trump looked through and failed to find any call for abolishing the police.

“Biden wants to defund the police,” Trump said.

“No, sir, he does not,” Wallace reponded.

“Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders,” Trump said, prompting Wallace to say the charter “says nothing about defunding the police.”

“Oh really?” Trump replied. “It says abolish, it says defund. Let’s go. Get me the charter please.” (RELATED: FACT CHECK: Does The Biden-Sanders Task Force Seek To ‘Abolish Immigration Detention,’ As Donald Trump Claims?)

Footage then cut out and Wallace said Trump and his aides went through the roughly 100-page charter and could not find an endorsement for abolishing or defunding the police.

A fact check from Check Your Fact in June found that Biden had not then called for defunding the police. The language of the Biden-Sanders charter also does not call for abolishing or defunding the police.

The White House declined to comment on the record when the Daily Caller reached out for comment.