Reporters Live From Wisconsin Riots Get Caught In Crossfire. Two People Shot. Daily Caller Reporter First To Render Aid

(Photo by KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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At least two people were shot early Wednesday morning during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

One man was allegedly shot in the head directly across the street from a hospital in Kenosha, according to a tweet from Elijah Schaffer.

Two people are dead, according to police. It is not yet clear if the deceased are the same people who were reportedly shot.

Multiple shots appear to have been fired, although it is unclear where the shots originated from. The Daily Caller’s Richie McGinniss carried the injured individual to a car. The victim is now in the hospital. (RELATED: Rioters Set Fire To Furniture Store In Kenosha, Wisconsin)

Another video showed what appears to be a man running away down the street with a rifle. The individual appears to trip and fall, and he then allegedly shot one of the protesters that tried to jump on top of him.

Another video showed a protester who had a chunk of his arm blown out during the riot being attended to by other individuals. It is unclear how he sustained the injury.

Kenosha saw another night of riots Tuesday, with rioters setting fires in the street across from a burned down furniture store.

Riots began Sunday night after Jacob Blake was shot multiple times in the back by a police officer. Blake is said to be in stable condition and is paralyzed from the waist down, according to his father.

This story is developing and will be updated as information arrives.