President Trump’s Approval Rating At Highest Point Ever, According To YouGov

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Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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President Donald Trump’s approval rating is the highest it has ever been, according to the trend line YouGov has created, tracking the numbers throughout his presidency.

Trump’s disapproval remains at 53.7% and his approval rating is at a high of 45.5%, based on a LOESS smoothing trend line computed by YouGov. LOESS smoothing is a kind of local regression curve fitting that depicts the general trends of a moving average.

While Trump’s approval has seen a bump, his disapproval has increased as well; so, even though Trump’s approval bump may be welcome to his supporters, his current deficit of 8.2% is larger than his presidency’s low of 5.9%. That 5.9% deficit was recorded Feb. 23, 2017, barely a month after the president took office. (RELATED: Rasmussen Poll Finds 51% Approval Rating For Trump)

YouGov’s 8.2% approval deficit is the smallest Trump’s approval deficit has been since March 26, when it was at 8.1% and the coronavirus was gaining steam in the U.S.

Some of YouGov’s individual surveys, such as one performed on 1,000 adults from August 27-29, suggest that the president’s approval rating could be as high as 46%, with a disapproval deficit of only 4%.

Nate Silver’s 538 gives YouGov a B grade for their polls. While having a +0.4 Democrat mean-reverted bias, YouGov calls 88% of races correctly, according to 538.

Earlier this month, Rasmussen reported that Trump’s approval was at 51%, and that he had a favorability surplus of 4%. Rasmussen has a mean-reverted bias of +1.5 Republican.