‘I Would Not Trust Donald Trump’: Kamala Harris Says She’d Be Wary Of An Early Coronavirus Vaccine

(Photo by Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris told CNN’s Dana Bash that she would be especially wary of a coronavirus vaccine that was approved quickly.

Harris, who spoke to Bash in a pre-recorded interview set to air Sunday morning, told Bash that “if past is prologue,” the experts who disagreed with President Donald Trump would simply be “muzzled” or “sidelined” so that they couldn’t derail his chances at reelection. (RELATED: ‘Very Strange’: Trump Slams Biden And Harris For Nixing Questions — And Reporters For Letting Them)


“Do you trust that in the situation where we’re in now that the public health experts and scientists will get the last word on the efficacy of a vaccine?” Bash asked. (RELATED: Bernie Snaps At CNN’s Bash: ‘Dana, Last I Heard The Election Was 8 Months From Today’)

“If past is prologue, they will not, they’ll be muzzled, they’ll be suppressed, they will be sidelined,” Harris replied. “Because he’s looking at an election coming up in less than 60 days and he’s grasping for whatever he can get to pretend that he’s been a leader on this issue when he has not.”

“So let’s just say there’s a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election. Would you get it?” Bash continued.

“Well, I think that’s going to be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it,” Harris concluded.

Neither Harris nor Bash mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has often been held up as a credible and reliable expert by people on both sides of the aisle, and has said repeatedly that he was never muzzled or sidelined by anyone in the Trump administration. Fauci also said on several occasions that President Trump had taken the advice of the experts every time it was offered.