‘A Lot Of Things That Are Constitutional Are Stupid’: Laurence Tribe Blasts Amy Coney Barrett Nomination


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe made it clear Sunday that he’s not in favor of Republicans’ plan to go ahead with the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Tribe joined a group discussion about Barrett’s nomination on “Fox News Sunday,” guest hosted by Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume. (RELATED: Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe Says Government Was Protecting America By Spying On Trump Campaign)


Tribe began by saying that he believed the nomination — and subsequent Senate confirmation hearings — should have waited until after the November election.

“We’ve never never jumped the gun this quickly. It’s basically five weeks away. People are already voting,” Tribe explained. “The idea that we can’t wait a few days is ludicrous. There’s no reason for it.”

Tribe went on to say that, while he thought highly of Barrett, he was most concerned about the rushed nomination. “They are not willing to wait because they really are nervous about what the American people believe the Constitution means and what they believe should be represented on the Supreme Court.”

Hume pressed Tribe then, asking whether he had found any support for his position in the Constitution.

“I’m not suggesting it’s unconstitutional to go ahead, it’s perfectly constitutional,” Tribe replied, adding, “But a lot of things that are constitutional are stupid. This is not a good idea.”