John Kennedy: Democrats Will Accuse Barrett Of ‘Drowning Little Newborn Puppies’ Before It’s Over

(Fox News screengrab)

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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Democrats will be accusing Judge Amy Coney Barrett of “drowning little newborn puppies” before the confirmation process is over.

While Democrats appear likely to not have enough votes in the Senate to derail President Donald Trump’s pick to fill the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many on the left have cited Barrett’s Catholic religion and even her family in an attempt to smear her character.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Kennedy about this during a Monday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment.


“It’s only in Monday,” Kennedy quipped. “So far, Judge Barrett has been called a religious bigot, a racist, an antifeminist, anti-public health. Her opponents haven’t gotten around yet to calling her an alien lizard person, but it’ll come. Before it’s over with, I’m afraid, that they will accuse her of drowning little newborn puppies.”

“That’s not what this is all about though, and I think almost all of my Democratic colleagues know that none of these things are true,” he continued. “This is what they’re upset about. Judge Barrett is a Constitutionalist, which means she’s a Madisonian, which means she believes in the separation of powers, which means she believes that federal judges are not politicians in robes, which means she believes that the United States Supreme Court is not supposed to be a mini Congress, which means that she believes that federal judges are not supposed to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a political or social agenda that they can’t get by the voters, which means that she believes that the law is not supposed to be politics practiced a different way.”

The Louisiana senator said that he believes this upset his Democratic colleagues, because many of them “believe in declarative government not representative government.” (RELATED: Lindsey Graham Laughs When Asked About Democrats’ Threats To Boycott Hearing: ‘It Will Make Them Quicker!’)

Promising to do his job and quiz Barrett on “her intellect, her temperament, her character, her judicial philosophy,” Kennedy said what he’s already read of her work makes it clear “that she’s a Constitutionalist.”

“And that upsets a lot of my colleagues, not all, but many of them,” he concluded.