Turn Your Living Room Into A Bumping Karaoke Club With These On-Demand Tunes!

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From working from home to putting vacations on hold, reality looks a little different than we’re used to these days. And if you’re missing going out with your buddies to karaoke bars, you’re definitely not alone. And while belting your favorite ballads in the shower is fun, it doesn’t quite measure up to getting dressed up and going out to sing with your friends at a fun karaoke club.

If you’re longing to channel your inner Mariah Carey or dream of becoming the new Metallica frontman, there’s an at-home karaoke option you’ll love: Karaoke on Demand! This awesome streaming system gives you access to thousands of tunes, both classic and current, letting you sing your heart out from the comfort of your own living room — real pants optional.

Karaoke on Demand is designed to be incredibly versatile, unlike those ancient karaoke machines you used to play around on back in the day. Compatible with most smart devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, and more, you can access your favorite hits from just about anywhere.

Whether the family is having a Saturday night Karaoke-off or you’re practicing for your future American Idol audition, singing along with the thousands of tunes on Karaoke Demand just feels good. And the fact that you can step into the spotlight anytime without ever stepping into a club makes staying at home way more fun.

For a limited time, you can snag a lifetime subscription to Karaoke on Demand for just $149.99 down from $600 bucks — that’s nearly 75% off!

Price subject to change.

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