Alyssa Milano Says Trump ‘Tries Hard To Be The Worst Leader’ He Can, Has No ‘Leadership Bone’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actress Alyssa Milano said Tuesday that President Donald Trump has no “leadership bone” in his body.

Milano, who made an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” told host Joy Behar that sometimes she felt like President Trump was actually trying hard “to be the worst leader he possibly can.”


Behar noted the president’s recent hospitalization and asked Milano, who says she is still suffering long-term effects from her own case of coronavirus, what she made of the situation. (RELATED: ‘Typhoid Marys Of The 21st Century’: Joy Behar Advises Kamala Harris To ‘Hose [Pence] Down With Insecticide’ Before Debate)

“The president was hospitalized with coronavirus. Having gone through what you did and in the wake of the 210,000 deaths in the country, what was your response to seeing him take the — what I call the Rocky walk and the other thing in the car? All the histrionics. What was your response to that?” Behar asked.

“It was like a Michael Bay film, right? I think the thing that’s most upsetting for me is we’re walking around like this is all normal, like his behavior is kind of normal,” Milano replied.

She went on to say that America was facing a number of crises at once — from the public health crisis brought by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout to the racial tensions and unrest that spanned the nation.

“Yet, we have this guy who is just worried about, you know, a photo op or waving to whoever he thinks he’s waving to, and has no — there’s not a leadership bone in that man’s body,” Milano continued. “It’s almost as if he tries hard to be the worst leader he possibly can. And by the way, I have no faith in their entire administration because where is the adult in the room? Where is the adult in the room?”

“There is none,” Behar agreed.