‘A Slap In The Face To The Country’: Sara Haines Attacks Trump For Taking Off His Mask At White House


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sara Haines joined the other hosts on “The View” in attacking President Donald Trump for removing his mask Monday when he returned to the White House.

Haines argued that the move was “a slap in the face to the country” that had been hit so hard by the coronavirus pandemic. (RELATED: ‘We Should Be Able To Hear The Witness’: Sara Haines Pans Barr Hearing As ‘Disappointing’)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by describing Trump’s return to the White House as a “production.”

“You know who made a whole production after his release from the hospital, tearing off his mask before telling people not to be afraid of a virus that’s killed 210,000 Americans so far and to not let the virus that tanked the economy, put millions of folks out of work, don’t let that dominate people’s lives,”Goldberg said.

Goldberg turned to cohost Sunny Hostin, who said that she had been “horrified” by Trump’s actions in recent weeks — and that her mind was not changed when she saw him take off his mask outside the White House, knowing that there were other people inside.

“Aside from the policy mistakes that this administration has made, I believe that this misinformation is directly responsible for the fact that, as a country, we have more deaths than we needed to have. I do think that falls squarely on his shoulders. I do,” she said.

“What’s your thought on all this, this theater?” Goldberg asked Haines.

“Taking off the mask was a slap in the face to the country and also to people around the globe who suffered from the pandemic directly, people who have passed away,” Haines said, adding that while many who opposed Trump had “set their politics aside” to wish him well, he was “putting salt in the wound” by continuing to push a political narrative.

“I get that transparency may be too much to ask from the president and this administration. That’s too high of a bar. Then get out of the way,” Haines concluded. “The planting of misinformation and turning the facts on their head has been confusing, misleading and dangerous. So I wonder how many people today will take off their masks because the President of the United States did last night.”