Become A Skilled Archer Without Ever Stepping Outside With This Advanced Training System

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The art of using a bow and arrow, also known as archery, dates back thousands of years and is arguably one of the oldest sports around. But unlike before, mastering this coveted sport doesn’t have to be done in the middle of a forest or out in the mountains. That’s where the AccuBow 2.0 comes into play.

This advanced strength and training system uses the motions of shooting a bow and arrow to build strength and accuracy without ever leaving home. Designed to work with the accompanying AccuBow app, you can practice shooting in over 20 different shooting styles in an incredibly realistic manner.

While it’s designed to use in a virtual sense, the bow itself boasts all the bows and whistles you’d hope for in this kind of machinery. You’ll get to play around with dual resistance dials that can be adjusted anywhere from 10 to 70 lbs along with an adjustable bow string center. With its new and improved phone mount design, shooting with the help of a screen will feel incredibly real, even if you’re just standing in your backyard.


Incredibly accurate yet 75% quieter than other physical tools like it, the AccuBow2.0 is becoming more and more popular among archery enthusiasts. It’s no wonder the innovative training system received a 4.0/5-star rating on Amazon along with countless rave reviews.

“This product is great, and the company support is outstanding! I live in the city and because of this I have used trainers in the past. This provides more control on the resistance than I have ever seen.” – Beer M.

“I could never bring myself to buy a ‘toy’ like this. Boy was I WRONG!!! Not only is this thing build sturdy, the stability was great and after a few pulls at 70lbs I could feel it.” – Anonymous

“My son uses this to get ready for deer season. A great training device.” – Rhonda H. 
Right now, you can get the AccuBow2.0 Original Archery Strength & Exercise Training Stystem for just $179.99! Use coupon code ARCHERY15 at checkout to get this product for $15 off.
Price subject to change.
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