14-Year-Old Boy With Autism Allegedly Beaten To Death By Stepbrother While Mom Is Present

(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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A 14-year-old autistic boy from Tennessee was allegedly beaten to death by his older stepbrother, while his mother was present at the house, according to 7News Boston.

The boy’s mother, Rebecca Greenwood, reportedly called 911 Friday around 11:50 in the morning and stated that her son, Sayeed Neilson, appeared to be dead, according to 7News Boston

Both Greenwood and Sayeed’s stepbrother, David Matheny, 33 told police officers that Sayeed had simply hit his head after falling in the shower on Thursday, according to KIRO7.

Greenwood and Matheny reportedly checked on Sayeed several times, before leaving to grab drinks at a bar, according to KIRO7.

They both told officers that they left the house Friday morning to go to the grocery store in order to purchase cleaning products, then cleaned the house, after which they finally found Sayeed unconscious, according to Fox17 WZTV. (RELATED: Missing Pregnant Woman’s Body Found In Boyfriend’s Freezer)

After seeing that the bruises on the boy were inconsistent with the story from Greenwood and Matheny, they were brought down to the police station for further questioning. At the station Greenwood admitted that she had seen Matheny hit and kick Sayeed in his head. Greenwood allegedly told Matheny to stop, but walked away and did nothing to end the matter, according to 7News Boston.

Meanwhile, Matheny confirmed that he did have an altercation with his stepbrother, but denies that he seriously injured Sayeed.

Both Greenwood and Matheny have been arrested on charges relating to criminal homicide, evidence tampering and aggravated child abuse.