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Trump Won The ‘Beer Test’ In 2016, But Not This Year. What Does That Mean For The 2020 Election?

(Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

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The year was 2000, and former President George W. Bush was up three points against Democratic nominee Al Gore in one of the most telling polls: the beer test. President Donald Trump fails the beer test this election cycle 20 years later, so what can we expect?

A poll found voters were more likely to want to sit down and crack open a cold one with Bush than they were with Gore, cementing Bush’s chances of winning after Bush wowed the nation with his first debate performance. According to an Oct. 9 CNN poll during that election cycle, Bush pulled an eight-point lead over Gore largely due to “several personal qualities which media coverage highlighted in the aftermath of the first presidential debate.” Roughly half of voters said Bush is more honest and trustworthy than Gore.