‘They Didn’t Get It’: Marie Harf Says The Democrats’ Dream Of ‘A Blowout’ Failed To Materialize

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Marie Harf said Wednesday that Democrats “didn’t get” the “blowout” they had hoped for in the down-ticket races.

Harf spoke with Fox News anchors Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier about the House and Senate races. Many were projected to favor Democrats, and several of the races had not played out that way, according to the latest results. (RELATED: ‘It’s A Yes Or No Question’: Harris Faulkner Challenges Marie Harf To Name One Republican-Led City Experiencing Violence Similar To Portland)


“I just want to get your big picture take on the Senate and the House,” MacCallum said as she turned the question to Harf. “Pretty surprising outcomes from what was anticipated last night.”

Harf said that Democrats were still “cautiously optimistic” with regard to the presidential race, saying that they believed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had a clear path to take the necessary states for the presidency. But she went on to add that Democrats were also “feeling pretty down about the Senate and the House.”

“I think they had their expectations probably falsely high about the Senate,” Harf explained. “There is still a small path through Georgia and Maine for Democrats to take the Senate back, but I think there will be a lot of discussion inside the party about the millions and millions of dollars that the Democrats spent in places like Kentucky and South Carolina that were always long shots.”

Harf went on to say that President Donald Trump had probably pushed some Republicans across the lines in their respective House races, saying, “When Donald Trump is on the ballot, a lot of those moderates that won in 2018 on the Democratic side just couldn’t overcome the Trump wave. It wasn’t predicted. It was a surprise, but it’s not shocking when you dig into some of the data.”

Bret Baier then asked whether the divisiveness of the election suggested that Democrats needed to find a way to talk to their opposition.

“You know, we requested former Vice President Biden every week, probably twice, three times a week to come on the show. He never did. Neither did Senator Harris, but half of the country voted for Donald Trump,” he explained. “And I think there are Democrats saying, ‘What happened? I missed this.'”

“I think both sides need to figure out how to talk to each other a lot better, Bret, honestly,” Harf replied, arguing that whether it was in the media or at the dinner table, people needed to find a way to come together.

“Clearly, we are very divided country, and Democrats were hoping for blowout. They didn’t get it.”