‘I Don’t Think He’s Conceded He Lost The Iowa Caucus To Ted Cruz’: Kasie Hunt Says Trump Hates ‘Loser’ Label

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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NBC reporter Kasie Hunt said President Donald Trump takes “every avenue to the point of absurdity” in order to avoid being labeled a “loser.”

Hunt explained to anchor Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that Trump had made clear efforts all throughout both his personal and professional life to shift the blame and avoid taking responsibility for failure. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt Claims Electing A Woman Would Fix ‘Character’ Issues In Politics)


Todd began the segment by saying that Trump had long been complaining about the media, saying that the press was particularly dishonest about him, whether the topic was his business ventures or his marriages.

“There is always an excuse and reason. There is never a point where he admits the facts on the ground. This is not just his political career, business career and celebrity career,” Todd argued.

“He’s spent most of the time in all of those careers trying to avoid the label of ‘loser,'” Hunt replied, going on to say that Trump had clearly lost to former Vice President Joe Biden. “That’s something he cannot escape despite trying every avenue to the point of absurdity over the course of the last couple of weeks since the election was actually declared.”

“In Iowa remember, I don’t think he’s even conceded he lost the Iowa caucus to Ted Cruz in 2016,” Hunt continued. “He’s spent the entirety of his presidency attacking the media and he’s been pretty transparent about why he does that. He says, ‘Well, the reason I do that is because that way when they say something I don’t like, no one will believe them.'”

Hunt concluded by saying that the only remaining question would be how much damage Trump had done to undermine trust in institutions and future elections by trying to convince everyone that what they were seeing “couldn’t be trusted.”