Military Children Decorate Masks For Front-Line Workers

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Elementary school children from Northern California helped military wife Christy Hanbyul Na make over 100 decorated masks for front-line workers, Fox News reported.

Over the course of the pandemic, Na taught herself how to sew face masks at home, according to Fox News. Na then came up with the idea to send gifts filled with candy, a thank you card, and a mask to military personnel, health care workers, delivery drivers, and other front-line workers, Fox News reported. She called the effort the “frontline superhero mask project.”

To help accomplish her mission, Na got the help from elementary school students from Scandia Elementary School and Travis Elementary School, according to Fox News. The students decorated more than 100 of Na’s homemade masks to be gifted to the American heroes fighting the virus, Fox News reported. (RELATED: Indiana Police Officers Give Out Hundreds Of Boxes Of Food And Toys To Families In Need)

Many of the students who attend Scandia and Travis Elementary schools (located on Travis Air Force Base in Northern California) have parents who are frontline workers just like Na’s husband, who is in his third-year of residency at a hospital in Sacramento, California, Fox News reported.


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Na has put the decorated masks into 40 gift bags that will be distributed over Christmas week to front-line workers at Travis Air Force Base and the surrounding areas, according to Fox News. The recipient also receives a photo of the children who decorated their masks, Fox News reported.

“I just wanted the children to know and understand that…Captain America isn’t just the only superhero that you see,” Na told FOX News, “It’s those grocery store workers, the mail clerk at the postal office, the firefighters, the police officers, the nurses, the janitorial staff at the hospital.”