REPORT: 95-Year-Old Woman Threatened With Eviction For Having Family Over For Social Distanced Visits


Nathalie Voit Contributor
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A 95-year old Redondo Beach, California, resident has been threatened with eviction following socially distanced chats that resulted in “excessive noise” with her granddaughter.

The 95-year old grandmother, Klara Kharkats, conducted socially distanced visits for months with her granddaughter, Rozanna Handrich, from the safety of her apartment balcony. Rozanna would stand on the public sidewalk of the complex and they would talk to each other that way after coronavirus hit, reported CBS Los Angeles.

Prior to the pandemic, Klara would meet Rozanna and other family members indoors – often for hours over the weekend. But when the pandemic began, Klara decided the indoor visits were too risky for her grandmother and they began conducting the socially distanced chats with Klara on the balcony and Rozanna on the sidewalk below instead, shared CBSLA.

Last week, Klara received a notice from her apartment manager, which stated “We have received complaints regarding excessive noise coming from your unit…Please have your guest come and visit inside your unit.” (RELATED: Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel Blasts California’s Lockdown Rules)

The note then ended with: “Continued violation of your lease and rules and regulations will result in further action which may include eviction.”

According to an interview from CBSLA, Rozanna is concerned about her grandmother’s well-being – especially the toll the pandemic has taken on her grandmother’s mental health.

“You can hear it in her voice, if she hasn’t seen anyone in a while,” Rozanna said in the video. “It really hurts me to hear when she says she is lonely.”

According to a statement released by Sarah Furchtenicht, Executive Vice President of the apartment management complex, the complex sent a rescission notice to Klara and apologized for the misunderstanding, alleging the notice was prompted after other tenants had complained about ‘chronic noise issues’ coming from Ms. Kharats’s unit.

Rozanna continues to visit her grandmother, said CBSLA.