Former Senator McCaskill Laments Riot After President Called On Supporters To March On Capitol


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Former Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill expressed her shock over breaching of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters Wednesday on MSNBC.

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump held a “Save America” rally, where he called on his supporters to march on the Capitol and demand that Vice President Mike Pence and Congress overturn the Electoral College results.

“We are in this situation because the president of the United States forced it,” began host Chuck Todd, alluding to the President’s earlier rally and previous statements regarding election fraud.

“Yes, he caused this,” answered McCaskill. “This is the result of his lying and the failure of responsible elected officials to stand up to him and his lies.”

McCaskill went on to describe her communications with members of Congress while the occupation of the Capitol was ongoing. (RELATED: Claire McCaskill Went On MSNBC And Made A Wild Claim About Trump And Putin)

“The Senate is being evacuated,” Todd added.

She talked about how the events were being viewed in other parts of the world and placed blame on Trump and her former opponent, Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.

“This is a very dangerous situation brought to you, delivered to our doorstep. This is being seen around the world. We are no longer the shining democracy on the hill. This looks like a third world banana republic courtesy of Donald Trump and Josh Hawley,” she said.