Local Man Drives Tank Through Florida Neighborhood


Jonathan Snyder Contributor
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A full-sized tank drove Sunday afternoon through a neighborhood in Palmetto Bay, Florida, according to multiple reports.

“For the most part it’s unusual to say the very least, and with the present state of politics, it’s concerning,” said local resident James Woodard, according to CBS Miami.

The British grade tank, which reportedly belongs to a resident living on Old Cutler Road, appears to be legal, according to CBS Miami. 

The Miami-Dade Police investigated the incident, and released a statement assuring residents that the tank in question was unarmed, according to Local10.

“Miami-Dade Police Department, Village of Palmetto Bay units received reports of a military-style vehicle observed on the Village roads.  They looked into the matter and confirmed that the vehicle belongs to a private collector of decommissioned, surplus military items.  The vehicle in question is demilitarized and unarmed.  It was purchased as a collector item and was being delivered to the owner at the time that the video circulating social media was taken,” according to the statement.

Despite the tank being unarmed, residents remain nervous. (RELATED: Major Car Company Recalling Almost 300,000 Vehicles Over Potential Engine Fires)

“It’s a poor choice of timing to have military equipment like that in a residential neighborhood,” Woodard continued, according to Local10. “Obviously they have more money than sense.”

Residents have accused the tank of running over and crushing a demolished concrete curb, reported CBS Miami.