A Frozen Caveman Sculpture Is Catching Minneapolis Hikers Off Guard

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Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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A sculpture of a frozen caveman has been placed alongside a trail in a Minneapolis park, surprising hikers and passersby, Fox News reported.

The sculpture depicts a caveman named “Zug Zug” encased in plastic that’s designed to look like ice, according to Fox News. It stands right off the path of two trails in Theodore Wirth Park.

The sculpture was made by artist Zach Schumack, and has been in storage since he made it for a marketing event.

“Every day I would go to my garage and see this thing looking at me and it seemed like such a shame that this piece of art was just sitting there,” Schumack said, according to FOX 9. (RELATED: 5 Charged Over Minneapolis New Year’s Eve Riots Involving ‘Kill Cops’ And ‘Abolish Prisons’ Vandalism)

Schumack said he planted the statue as a kind of “prank” he and his friends came up with, according to Fox News. “I really like that it’s getting some attention because it’s getting people to get away from their TVs and computer screens,” Schumack told Fox 9.

Hikers have said the statue’s presence Thursday surprised them, Fox News reported. “I don’t think anyone has ever seen anything quite like this,” Ellen Lasner told WCCO of the statue. “This is quite an art installation out in the middle of the woods,” she added.

Initially, Zug Zug’s presence was not welcomed by the park board, according to Fox News. However, the parties have struck an agreement and have agreed to let Zug Zug stay until the snow melts.