Leo Terrell: Democrats And ‘Left Wingers’ Judge Terrorists By Skin Color And Not Conduct

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Regular Fox News guest Leo Terrell questioned Thursday where all of the outrage was on the left over the violent protests in Portland, Seattle and Denver.

Terrell joined Fox correspondent Geraldo Rivera and host Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss the protests that took place after President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. He stated that the reactions from Democrats and the left were completely different from their reactions to the riot Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. (RELATED: ‘They Hate America’: Sen. Tom Cotton Calls For Force To Stop Antifa Riot)

“I noticed how Geraldo’s temperature is very down on this. When we had the Capitol riots he was outraged. Outraged. But there is a passiveness in the rioting that’s going on in the Northwest,” Terrell began. “You see, Bill, what I think is happening is this. Democrats and left wingers will judge a terrorist not based on criminal conduct but by skin color. But I’m looking for the outrage. Where is all the outrage from the left regarding what is going on now. I mean, I don’t understand it.”

The U.S. Capitol was stormed on Jan. 6 by supporters of then President Donald Trump, who were seeking to stop the certification of the Electoral College vote. After Biden’s inauguration Jan. 20, violent protests erupted in Seattle, Portland, and Denver, with some protestors burning a Biden themed flag and the American flag, as well as demanding policy changes on things like climate change and immigration. It is unclear what the exact racial makeup was of each of the crowds.

“In Washington they defaced the Capitol of the United States. They went into the Speaker of the House’s office. They wanted to lynch Mike Pence.” Rivera responded. “These punks on the West coast, I think they should be busted and get their ass’s kicked. But there is a big difference between them and what happened in that Capitol.”

Terrell fired back asking what the difference was. He added that domestic terrorism is domestic terrorism regardless of the political ideology of the offenders.

“The silence on the left. There is no outrage and that’s what disappoints Trump supporters. They are mad because there is a double standard in this country based on race and skin color,” Terrell said. “The difference is simply this. If you are on the right, you are an extremist. If you are on the left, if you are the left, you are a protestor. That is disingenuous to disequate the two. The two are the same and the law should be applied equally.”