REPORT: Man Punches Through Driver’s Window, Beats Him Up In Road Rage Incident

(Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Nathalie Voit Contributor
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A driver from St. Cloud, Minnesota has been taken into custody by Waite Park police following an alleged road rage incident on Wednesday morning, WCCO 4 News reported.

Officers were summoned to an area near 3rd Street North and 11th Avenue North following a call about an “assault in progress” around 7 a.m. Wednesday, the Minneapolis-based news outlet reported.

The victim of the incident – a driver in a Chevy Cavalier – reported a Ford Taurus suddenly trailing him at a high speed. When the driver tried to change lanes, the Ford Taurus tried to drive around the Cavalier. When the driver attempted to switch lanes a second time, the Taurus then struck his car and pulled ahead of the Cavalier, causing the two vehicles to collide again and the Cavalier to spin around, according to WCCO.

Waite Park police said after the two vehicles came to a halt the 55-year-old male driver of the Taurus then stepped out of his vehicle and began yelling at the other driver, according to the local news station. (RELATED: REPORT: Man Arrested For Allegedly Ransacking Hospital Helicopter For Medical Equipment)

The enraged assailant proceeded to punch the Cavalier’s side window until it shattered, and then punched the driver in the face, reported WCCO.

The local police force share that the man has since been arrested and faces charges of second-degree assault, reckless driving and gross misdemeanor criminal damage to property, according to WCCO.

Both drivers involved were treated for injuries by an ambulance on site, KNSI News reported.