Take Your Cozy Up A Notch With The Slanket That’s On Sale For Just $29.99

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For many parts of the US, the days of gray skies and chilly weather are upon us. And while it’s the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, this general dreariness can really take a toll on your mood. But if you find yourself feeling a little down this winter, perhaps adding a little oomph to your snuggle routine could lift your spirits a bit.

Say hello to The Slanket, the cuddly, warm blanket that has a cozy pair of sleeves for you to rest your arms in! Made of super-soft fleece, this lightweight blanket lets you experience a whole different level of coziness thanks to the fact that it can truly wrap around every inch of you. In fact, it even has a special foot pocket to protect those tootsies from the cold!

What makes The Slanket so revolutionary is the fact that it keeps you completely warm while still giving you access to your hands. This way, you can remain under the blanket while you scroll through Instagram, channel surf, or sip on a glass of wine. And, thanks to its enormous size, you can do whatever cuddly activities you’d like without worrying about not being completely covered.

And if you’re worried about where to put this thing when you’re not wearing it, there’s no need to fret. Simply fold it up and use it as a couch cushion! That is, if you ever want to take it off.

Wondering if The Slanket is all it’s cracked up to be? Check out some of the great reviews it’s garnered online!

“My wife totally loves this blanket, so happy!!!! I will be getting another one soon for additional family.” – John K.
Super comfortable and warm, my wife loves it! I’m thinking about getting one for myself too. Absolutely worth the price” – Frank P.
“This is great. I love the long length and the pocket at the bottom to stick my feet so they stay nice and toasty.” – Tracy N.
Get The Slanket® Blanket with Sleeves at 14% off, making it just $29.99!
Price subject to change.

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