Meghan McCain Says It’s Time For Biden To Work ‘With The Other Side’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain criticized President Joe Biden for governing by executive order, saying on Thursday’s broadcast of “The View” that it was time for him to work “with the other side.”

In addition to being critical of Biden’s executive orders, McCain also lashed out at the administration’s special envoy for climate change, former Secretary of State John Kerry. (RELATED: ‘I’ll Die Fighting For It’: Meghan McCain Says No To Leaving The Republican Party)


McCain started with Kerry, referring to him as “deeply elitist” and criticizing him for addressing Americans publicly about climate change while he still owned a private jet.

“Anyone who is going on television, let alone working on an administration that just got rid of 10,000 jobs with the Keystone Pipeline, shouldn’t be riding around in a private jet,” McCain said. “I think it’s ridiculous. I also think the way John Kerry’s statements have been interpreted to many people, not just on the right, but many people in the middle is ‘learn to code,’ which was the answer to coal miners, that they just needed to get into another industry and learn to code and he said, ‘learn to use solar.'”

McCain then turned her attention to Biden and his use of executive action, noting that even The New York Times editorial board had called on Biden to slow down the executive actions.

“If you are Joe Biden and you’re losing The New York Times on this, and you’ve made 19 executive orders, as opposed to President Trump who did five in his first week, President Obama who did five in his first week, and Presidents Clinton and Bush who did zero, it may be time to start working with the other side,” McCain continued. “Because if you are going to legislate the same way President Trump did, this isn’t a sea change. This isn’t healing, and this isn’t coming together. I thought the whole point of the Biden administration is that you weren’t weren’t going to be like the Trump Administration.”