Dana Perino Notes Media Frustration As Bidens Give First Interview To People Magazine

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino said that President Joe Biden was smart to do an interview with People Magazine, but he may have left news media frustrated.

Perino discussed that interview, which featured both Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, with “America’s Newsroom” cohost Bill Hemmer during a Wednesday morning segment. (RELATED: ‘What About Seeing Joe Biden?’: Dana Perino Asks Biden Campaign Press Sec. If They’re ‘Ceding This Ground’ To Trump)


Perino noted that Biden had been criticized for failing to take hard questions both on the campaign trail and since he took office. Hemmer began by pointing out that the interview showed the human side of the Bidens, calling the interview “good strategy on behalf of the White House.”

Pivoting to compare the Biden administration to that of former President Donald Trump, he asked, “Do you think Donald Trump got one of those interviews in four years? They were throwing smoke every time!” (RELATED: Bill Hemmer Has To Ask Impeachment Manager Three Times Why The House Didn’t Subpoena John Bolton)

“Look, obviously President Trump was treated very unfairly by the press but if they come to you — if People Magazine comes to you and said we would love to do the first interview —” Perino replied, noting that People Magazine had such broad circulation that they would have been crazy not to do the interview.

“Okay, that’s People,” Hemmer said.

“It’s People. Maybe we’ll get to do an interview with People,” Perino mused.

Hemmer turned back to Trump, noting that he had appeared to enjoy the give and take that came with a more combative media.

“He loved it,” Perino agreed. “No, he loved it.”

“He welcomed the verbal combat,” Hemmer continued.

“It was good for him and the media, and now everyone is thinking, ‘Joe Biden, will you ever talk to us?’ That’s what they’re thinking,” Perino concluded, noting that constant contact with the news media — even though they were often at odds — had been good for both President Trump and the media.