Bill Hemmer Has To Ask Val Demings Three Times Why The House Didn’t Subpoena John Bolton

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Bill Hemmer had to ask House Impeachment Manager Val Demings three times why the House had not subpoenaed former National Security Adviser John Bolton — and even then, she did not give an answer.

Hemmer spoke to Demings during a break Monday in the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.


Hemmer jumped right in with the question about Bolton, saying, “We’ve got a couple of minutes here, let’s get right to it. Why not subpoena John Bolton before this case moved to the Senate, Congresswoman?”

Demings was quick to accuse the president of obstruction, arguing that the White House’s failure to cooperate was the real problem. “Let me say this, I think everybody knows, especially your listening audience, that the President of the United States did everything within his power to obstruct the House’s investigation.”

“But as you well know, last night, we really all heard a bombshell involving Ambassador Bolton. A president-appointed national security advisor who said that there was a direct link between holding the aid and the investigation,” Demings continued, making the oft-repeated point that there has never been a trial in the United States “where we have not subpoenaed witnesses and documents.” She also argued that the Senate should want to hear from Bolton.

Hemmer tried to steer Demings back to the question, asking again, “Back to the question, why not subpoena him? Ken Starr was making the case that he filed subpoenas against Bill Clinton in the 1990s and always went to court. Ken Starr says he always won then, why not go that route before you got to the Senate?”

Demings skirted again, attacking Ken Starr instead of answering the question. “I think the Republicans, or the White House counsel chose a very interesting messenger today in Mr. Starr, someone who today is purporting that impeachment should be bipartisan.” (RELATED: Adam Schiff Accused Trump Of Trying To Threaten Him — Nancy Pelosi Used The Same Phrase On Senate Republicans)

“I’m just not hearing an answer, I’m just trying to get that for our viewers here,” Hemmer tried one more time: “Why not pursue the subpoena?”

“The president, as you well know, in the House’s investigation, look, I know this is a tough time, it is a tough time for our nation, it is a tough time for you, and everybody, but we also know that the president issued a blanket order that he was not going to cooperate, not going to allow any administration officials, even former administration officials — ” Demings continued.

“Still does not prevent you from taking them to court,” Hemmer interrupted, and appeared to give up and move on to the next question.