Biography About 30s Superstar Elissa Landi Reveals Why She Left Hollywood: ‘I Wasted 7 Good Years Of My Life There’

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A new book dedicated to Hollywood actress Elissa Landi reveals the real reason why the 30s superstar left the industry.

Author Scott O’Brien aimed to tell the true story behind Landi and how she didn’t fit into the Hollywood industry, according to an article published Wednesday by Fox News.

“When you think of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Hedy Lamar, Lana Turner – they all represented a certain type,” O’Brien said in the foreword, according to Fox News. “And in the roles they played, there was a similarity. You knew what to expect from a Monroe film. Elissa didn’t want to be typecast. But, Hollywood is famous for typecasting people. She didn’t want to be a glamorous star whenever she walked out the door. She didn’t want to fit into that image. That worked against her.” (RELATED: ‘I Wish I Had Gotten Out Of Hollywood Sooner’: Rose McGowan Says Hollywood Is ‘Like A Cult’)

“Hollywood – I wasted seven good years of my life there,” Landi declared at one point in her life, according to O’Brien.

“Gossip columns would say, ‘Elissa Landi left Hollywood – whatever happened to her?'” O’Brien told the outlet. “Elissa knew gossip was used to punish people who said bad things about Hollywood. The reality is she didn’t abandon her career. She abandoned Hollywood.”

Landi went on to write, perform in plays, and appear on broadcast radio, according to O’Brien. “She enjoyed it a lot more than Hollywood,” the author said. “She was really happy during those final years with her husband Curtis.”