‘I Wish I Had Gotten Out Of Hollywood Sooner’: Rose McGowan Says Hollywood Is ‘Like A Cult’

(Photo by JOSE OSORIO/AFP via Getty Images)

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Actress Rose McGowan slammed Hollywood for being a cult.

McGowan admitted her new album “Planet 9” helped her deal with her past trauma from Hollywood, according to a report published Friday by Fox News.

The “Charmed” actress admitted she was unhappy while she was starring on the show.

“It was my day job. I acquitted myself very well, but it wasn’t the love of my life,” McGowan told Yahoo about her life as an actress. “I refused to give up who I was forever just to stay in a [Hollywood] system that I fundamentally disagree with, that I think is a cult. And then I get blacklisted after being sexually assaulted, and then what job are you doing to do? Then it was like taking the dregs and scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get what [roles] I could. That’s just a crap way to live. And it’s not artistically where I live.” (RELATED: Rose McGowan Slams The Washington Post Over A Story On Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser)

“I knew if I could make music that helped soothe my trauma and made me feel like I was in a better place while being on Earth dealing with all these people, these monsters, then I know it would work on other people,” she added.

McGowan claimed she regrets acting because it led her to meeting Harvey Weinstein, who has since been convicted of rape. McGowan accused Weinstein of performing oral sex on her when she was 23.