‘A Cold Day In Hell’: CNN Guest Says Trump Unlikely To Testify, Though It Would Be Good For Media

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Yahoo White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd predicted Sunday that it would be “a cold day in hell” before former President Donald Trump testified in his second impeachment trial.

Shepherd told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter that she believed the media might benefit from a bump in ratings if he did return to Capitol Hill to testify, but that she did not think it was likely to happen. (RELATED: Trump Won’t Testify In Impeachment Trial)


Stelter began with a clip from “Saturday Night Live,” during which Colin Jost begged Trump to consider testifying at the impeachment trial.

“Former social media influencer Donald Trump will not testify at his impeachment trial next week. I think I speak for all of us when I say. Come on, please? Give us one last show, man,” Jost said. “You know, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Put in your extensions and burst into that trial like it’s Maury Povich and you are not the father.”

Stelter then turned the question to Shepherd, asking, “Brittney, is there some truth to that joke? Do reporters secretly hope Trump will testify?”

Shepherd said that she believed reporters would probably like to see Trump testify at the trial, adding, “We have gotten a lot of leeway out of Trump coverage for a long time. There is worries when the administration changed over that less people would be watching. Less people would be reading — and of course it would be entertaining.”

Shepherd went on to say that she did not expect Trump to reverse course, however, concluding, “It will be a cold day in hell before he comes back to D.C.”