‘Heartless’: Liz Cheney Evaluates Biden’s Actions So Far In Office

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Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney called some of President Joe Biden’s actions while in office “heartless” during a Sunday morning appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

Anchor Chris Wallace asked Cheney at the end of a lengthy interview to evaluate Biden’s first few weeks, notable for a record number of executive orders that included terminating a key lease needed for the Keystone XL pipeline.

“It’s really heartbreaking in many ways, Chris, because we watched the inaugural speech where he spoke of unity, where he spoke of trying to work together and the immediate actions we’ve seen with respect to things like canceling the Keystone pipeline, it’s heartless. It really is,” she told Wallace.


Cheney called Biden’s ban on new oil and gas leases on public lands “absolutely devastating” to the energy industry in Wyoming, which uses the revenue to fund schools and community services in the state.

“So we’ve seen a number of immediate executive orders that really are very damaging, very negative, and the COVID package that’s been proposed, the $1.9 trillion … this could cause real fiscal challenges for us,” she continued. “It could bring increased inflationary pressures.” (RELATED: ‘Joe Biden On Day One Killed Their Job,’ Wisconsin Congressman Says Of Keystone XL Pipeline Decision)

“I think that we really do have to fight back against, stand up against the kind of far-left governing that we’ve seen so far out of the Biden administration,” Cheney concluded.