Dr. Drew Predicts ‘School Closures Will Be Looked At As’ Most Serious Misadventure’ From Pandemic

REUTERS/Phil McCarten

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dr. Drew Pinsky predicted that “school closures will be looked at” as the “most serious misadventure” from the coronavirus pandemic.

“School closures will be looked at as the most serious misadventure from this pandemic,” the media personality tweeted to his many followers Friday. (RELATED: ‘They Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves’: Dr. Drew Blasts Media’s Coronavirus Coverage)

“Did a physician recommend this?” he added. “Because the CDC did not. We don’t know the impact closing schools might have on our youth. Might it be a permanent injury to their well-being?”

“California’s COVID tier system makes it impossible for a large county like LA to move through the tier system,” Pinsky continued. “Everyone agrees COVID will likely be an endemic virus, thus we will always be in a tier that California deems unsafe. Why can bureaucracies adjust to reality?” (RELATED: ‘I Would Like Them To Shut Up’: Dr. Drew Says Media Needs To Stop ‘Whipping Up Further Panic And Chaos’ With Coronavirus Coverage)

A majority of schools in California still remain closed to students almost a year after they were first shut down in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Since that time, kids in the state have done remote learning while children in other states have been allowed to return to campus for in-person learning during the pandemic.