Drink Your Beer Judgment-Free With This Hidden Coffee Cup Cozy

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When you drink coffee out of a mug, the whole world can’t see the brand of coffee your drinking — or the offensive amount of sugar you poured in it. That being said, you should be able to crack open a cold one without giving away what exactly you’re sipping on.

You may have used beer cozies before, but you’ve never had one quite like this. Designed to help you drink your favorite beer away from prying eyes, this cozy completely envelopes your beer can, leaving you holding what seems to be a good old-fashioned ‘cuppa joe. No matter if your can’s tall, skinny, or short, The Trinken Lid ensures a quality drinking experience every time you use it.

Like any good cozy should, The Trinken Lid keeps your libation nice and crisp, perfect for summer barbeques in the backyard or just for hanging out around the house. But what makes it truly unique is its ergonomically designed spout and rim along with its secondary breather hole that makes for comfortable, easy sipping. And since it’s collapsible, you can pop it into your back pocket, your bag, or your purse and take it anywhere with you.

And for those who prefer to drink their beer loud and proud, you can use the Trinken Lid’s Cup Tall Boy, capable of holding an entire pint of beer without you having to use the lid at all. You’ll see that after using this thing just once, you’ll never want to go back to drinking beer coozi-less again.

Check out all the awesome things people are saying about the Trinken Lid: Hidden Coffee Cup Beer Cozy online!

“This thing works great! East to clip the can into. Works perfect. I don’t need this to keep my beverage cold as it’s going to be gone before it has a chance to get warm.” – E. Finch

“Now my wife thinks I’m addicted to coffee instead of calling me an alcoholic. Thank you. You saved my marriage.” -Anonymous 
“Prefect for the evening road coke. Fit and function are as described. Adjustable to accommodate a standard can and allows for taller ones for that longer trip.” – James D.
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