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With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get back into gardening! We know gardening can be a tedious task at times. But when it’s time to reap the fruits of our labor (literally), a sense of pride and accomplishment fills our hearts. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we’ve compiled a list of several, stress-free basics you need when planning your ideal garden. Be sure to check them out below:

iPower Heating Seed Starter Germination Kit Seedling Propagation Tray with Heater

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Depending on where you’re located, the weather may still be too chilly to start growing your seeds. That’s where this Amazon Choice product comes in handy. This 24-plot tray increases the amount of humidity your seedlings need to grow healthy by trapping it in the included dome. Humidity levels can be adjusted according to the type of plant you’re growing. The bottom tray is heated to a proper 77 degrees, providing optimal conditions for your sprouts.

Get it here for only $36.08!

120 Pack Tikola Seed Starter Tray Kit

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These biodegradable seed trays promote proper draining and ventilation so your seeds will grow into healthy, strong plants. This starter kit is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. If you’re interested in this item, you’re going to need to purchase it quickly, as there are only a few left in stock!

Get it here for only $18.99!

AOKIWO 82 Pcs Garden Tools Set

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This complete gardening set comes with all of the tools you need for creating your perfect garden. This set includes handy tools like a trowel, transplanter, thand fork, spray bottle, and more!

Get it here for just $28.88!

Window Garden Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters

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It’s no secret that starting a plant from seeds is a tricky task. Sometimes, it takes a little extra care and attention for them to sprout into full-grown plants! That’s why this product is extremely helpful. These seed starters can be placed on any tray and will thrive. Circular seed starters allow the roots to grow dense and strong as opposed to the typical square shape that makes the roots become tangled. If you prefer to buy these seed starters with their corresponding tray, please select that option at checkout!

Get it here for just $17.99!

Organic Vegetable Seeds for Planting – 13 Varieties of Non GMO, Non Hybrid, Heirloom Seeds

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This heirloom vegetable seed set is perfect for those who are looking to grow a little bit of everything. With these organic, non-GMO seeds, you’ll be able to grow 13 different types of vegetables from the comfort of your own home.

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Vegebox Hydroponics Growing System

Fresh herbs bring immense flavor to any dish that requires them, but it’s not always easy to keep them growing and fresh year-round. That’ why the Vegebox Hydroponic Growing system is amazing! There’s enough room to grow 12 plants per box. The built-in red, blue, green and IR light turn otherwise lengthy photosynthesis into a speedy process, providing you with fresh herbs in a fraction of the grow time.

Get this product here for the reduced price of $92!

15 Culinary Herb Seeds Pack – Heirloom and Non GMO, Grown in USA

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In my opinion, herbs are the most reliable plant to grow because they are hearty and durable. This seed pack includes Italian basil, Italian parsley, cilantro, mint, chives, thyme, and many more wonderful herbs. Herbs taste great on salads, meats, vegetables, you name it. Plus, many herbs have medicinal benefits!

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Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening

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This kneeling pad can be a lifesaver. Kneeling on the ground for an extended period of time can be quite painful. It’s made from extra-thick foam that will keep your knees feeling great!

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