‘He Killed My Daughter’: Police Arrest 17-Year-Old On Suspicion Of Manslaughter After He Crashes Lamborghini

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A 17-year-old male could face vehicular manslaughter charges after he allegedly crashed a Lamborghini into a woman’s car in Los Angeles, nearly instantly killing her, police announced Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Monique Munoz, 32, died at the scene of the crash after the black Lamborghini SUV collided with the four-door Lexus she was driving on Feb. 17, nearly splitting Munoz’s vehicle in half, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.

“It hurts me so much her not being here, ’cause she was not only my daughter, she was my best friend,” Cardova, Munoz’s mother, told CBS LA. “She was tiny but mighty.”

“Who gives a kid a Lamborghini?” Isaac Cardona, Munoz’s father, told ABC 7. “I don’t care how much money you have, you don’t give a kid a sports car – especially a kid that doesn’t even know how to drive right.”

The 17-year-old suspect was taken to the hospital after the crash for treatment. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said it had not yet filed charges, but was reviewing the case, according to CBS LA. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced in a Wednesday news release that the suspect was booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter on Feb. 23.

The suspect’s name will not be released because he is a minor. The LAPD said authorities are investigating the crash, and the case would “proceed through the judicial process.”

The suspect’s father is reportedly millionaire entrepreneur James Khuri, who owns several real estate firms, manufacturing companies, and e-commerce businesses, according to Forbes. Khuri posted a statement to Instagram apologizing to the Munoz family for the loss of their daughter, and offering his support “in any way you will allow me to.” (RELATED: Florida Man Pleads Guilty After Fraudulently Getting COVID-19 Relief Funds, Buying A Lamborghini)

“I am aware that the time it has taken me to communicate this has caused further pain for everyone affected. Knowing that this will never do justice for the family of Monique Munoz, I want to apologize to the Munoz family for the tragic loss of their daughter.”

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“There are no words I can say to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing,” the statement continued. “And I realize none of my words or actions will be able to bring back your daughter.”

Khuri said his son suffered brain damage from the crash, can barely walk, and recently was released from the intensive care unit, according to CBS LA. 

Police do not believe the teen was street racing at the time of the crash, but the Lamborghini was “flying,” LAPD Capt. Brian Wendling said, according to the Los Angeles Times. The teen had a valid driver’s license and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Munoz’s family said they plan to hold a rally Saturday at the crash site to demand the suspect be charged for Munoz’s death. The family is angry that three weeks have passed and the district attorney has not pressed charges. 

“He killed my daughter,” Carol Cardona, Munoz’s mother, told Fox News. “It’s very frustrating and I believe he’s being protected given [the] status of his dad.”

“He committed an adult act, crime, and I believe he should be charged as an adult,” she told CBS LA.