‘She Ruined My Life’: Police Arrest Fake Plastic Surgeon In The Middle Of A Surgery

(ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Police say they arrested a fake plastic surgeon in Miami during a medical operation which took place on Thursday. 

Authorities arrested 56-year-old Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez on March 11 on charges of practicing medicine without a license, the Miami Herald reported Friday. Coral Police Officers say they began looking into the alleged medical practitioner in February because a former patient contacted the police after his botched nose job procedures. 

The patient, Vincenzo Zurlo, told authorities he spent $2,800 for the rhinoplasty surgeries, the Miami Herald reported. Zurlo reportedly said he had the second procedure because his nose was not healing properly. But after the second procedure left his nose deformed, Zurlo requested the practitioner’s medical license number and medical malpractice insurance information, which she refused to give over.

“She was the one that with that surgery that day, she ruined my life,” Zurlo told NBC 6 South Florida. Zurlo told the outlet that Jimenez De Rodriguez was prescribing him painkillers and antibiotics using another doctor’s name. (RELATED: Couple Pleads Guilty After Pretending To Operate A Farm That Does Not Exist, Asking For Over A Million Dollars In Aid)

“She cannot do my nose right, she prescribed me the medication from another doctor, she cannot find a solution to my pain so something is wrong, something has to be wrong,” Zurlo went on to tell NBC 6.

Authorities were able to confirm that Jiminez De Rodriguez did not have a license to practice medicine with the help of the Florida Health Department, The Miami Herald reported. 

Jiminez De Rodriguez is reportedly being held in Miami-Dade County Jail on a $5,000 bond.