Lincoln Project Adviser Grilled About Alleged Sexual Misconduct Cover-Up

(Screenshot:YouTube/The Mehdi Hasan Show)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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On a Tuesday appearance on The Mehdi Hasan Show, Lincoln Project adviser Stuart Stevens attempted to dodge questions about the controversies surrounding the political action committee.

In rapid-fire questioning, the host, Mehdi Hasan, asked Stevens about the Lincoln Project’s alleged cover-ups of sexual misconduct, as well as a report that indicated tens of millions raised by the Lincoln Project was used to pay salaries.

Hasan played a clip of former Lincoln Project adviser Susan Del Percio on March 8 saying the leadership of the project was “disappointing” and that she hoped they “aren’t found to be criminals.”

“I think this idea that somehow or another you expected the Lincoln Project to be something that would be like a perfect organization is unrealistic,” Stevens responded.

“Come on, there’s a big difference between being a perfect organization and what the accusations, very serious accusations, that have been leveled against the Lincoln Project [are],” Hasan interjected.

The Lincoln Project is a super PAC formed in 2019 with the goal of preventing former President Donald Trump’s reelection and supporting “never-Trump” candidates. The project suddenly faced several sexual misconduct allegations in February against co-founder John Weaver. The co-founder was accused of sending inappropriate and sexually suggestive messages to nearly a dozen young men. In some instances, it was alleged that Weaver offered jobs in exchange.

Lincoln Project members were made aware of at least 10 allegations of harassment against Weaver in June 2020, but did nothing about the allegations, the Associated Press reported. Since then, several ex-members have called for the organization to be shut down. (RELATED: Lincoln Project Said It Was ‘Shocked’ About Weaver’s Conduct, But They Reportedly Knew Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations In June)

A New York Times report also found the organization had used $27 out of the $87 million in donations to pay several of its co-founders. The money was allegedly received through a firm owned by co-founder Reed Galen. Hasan pressed Stevens on this point.

“You guys made tens of millions of dollars out of this right?” Hasan said. (RELATED: Lincoln Project Leaders Attempted To Move Millions Of Dollars Out Of Company To Prepare For Other Ventures)

“That’s absolutely not true,” Stevens responded.

“Well, how much did you make? How much did you make?” Hasan asked.

“Personally, I’ve made less money than I’ve made in any campaign since I was 28 years old,” Stevens responded.

Before ending the segment, Hasan noted the adviser did not answer his question.

Despite the Lincoln Project raising millions of dollars since 2019, the organization was not successful in swinging GOP votes, according to The Hill.