Reporter Presses Jen Psaki On Biden’s False Claim About Background Checks At Gun Shows 


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Reporter for Real Clear Politics Phil Wegmann pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki Thursday on President Joe Biden’s false claims that there are no background checks at gun shows.

Wegmann attempted to get Psaki to clarify Biden’s remarks, but she instead contradicted what he said at his Thursday announcement of new executive gun control measures, and reiterated his position that he supports universal background checks. (RELATED: ‘Oh Please!’: Leo Terrell Rips Chris Hahn Over Use Of ‘The Race Card’ In Heated Gun Violence Debate)

“The president said a moment ago ‘you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want, no background check.’ Is there a special exemption in federal law that he was referring to, or do FLA dealers not have to do background checks when they’re at a gun show?” Wegmann asked Psaki.

Psaki, seemingly confused by the question, asked Wegmann if he was asking about Biden referring to a specific circumstance, to which Wegmann asked if it was Biden’s belief  that a person does not have to undergo a background check when purchasing a firearm at a gunshow.

“No, that’s not his belief. He believes that background checks should be universal,” Psaki responded.

“Right, but he says no background check,” Wegmann pointed out.

“Well we know what his position is, right? So let me reiterate that, which is that background checks are something that should be universal. They’re supported by more than 80% of the public. He supported legislation advocating for that, and advocated against loopholes as well. So that’s his position and I appreciate you asking for the clarification,” Psaki concluded.

Biden announced Thursday that he was signing new executive actions on gun control and called gun violence in the U.S. an “international embarrassment.” He also called on Congress to do more to address gun violence and said that his executive actions were not enough to address the issue. He specifically called for a ban on “assault weapons,” allowing gun manufacturers to be sued when their products are used in crimes, and requiring background checks when firearms are purchased at gun shows.

Biden’s claim that background checks aren’t required at gun shows was false because federal law already mandates firearm dealers initiate a background check on those attempting to buy firearms at stores, gun shows, or anywhere else a purchase might take place. According to some gun control experts, there is a “private sale loophole” where unlicensed gun dealers can sell firearms without a background check.