Use This Handheld Vacuum Cleaner To Take Care Of Wet And Dry Spills

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Vacuum cleaners are a great and necessary tool in any household. But sometimes, a spill or mess is isolated so that a handheld cleaner is a more efficient choice. And when it comes to handheld, you can’t do any better than this dual-use wet and dry handheld cleaner.

Whether you need to clean a spill on the couch, pick up crumbs underneath the kitchen table, or have a liquid spill that needs a quick cleanup, this vacuum will do the trick. It’s also great for taking care of the floorboards and upholstery in your car.

The vacuum cleaner features a 120W motor and powerful suction that works well on both wet or dry spills. It is also versatile, with four different attachments depending on your need for a particular mess. Its motor automatically adjusts while in use so it doesn’t get too hot or overheat during a particularly difficult job.

The vacuum also comes with a removable and washable filter, giving you longer life on it before needing to replace it.

Using the vacuum in any situation is a breeze thanks to a 16-foot power cord. Or if you’re working in your car, it can also plug directly into your cigarette lighter for a power source.

This is a great choice to clean up dust, debris, pet hair, or liquids. It is completely versatile in what types of jobs it can accomplish. And it’s so easy to use, thanks to its light 25-ounce weight.

This portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner is already priced low at just $79, but for a limited time, it can be yours at the unbelievably low price of just $36.95, a savings of more than 53 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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