South Carolina Governor Says Biden Admin Should ‘Admit’ Trump ‘Had It Right’ On Border Policy

(Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Matthew Wearp Contributor
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On Thursday, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said that he believes President Joe Biden’s administration should admit that former President Donald Trump was correct in regards to dealing with the situation at the Southern Border.

“They are jumping over the fence … We have got to build that wall. This is a big mistake. The Biden administration ought to admit that Donald Trump had it right,” McCaster told Fox & Friends.

McMaster made the comments just days after signing an executive order which would block the Biden administration from placing any unaccompanied migrant children entering the United States into state foster homes in South Carolina. (RELATED: Gov. McMaster: NCAA ‘Ought To Mind Their Own Business’ About Regulations On Trans Athletes)

“We got inquiries … from the Biden administration asking how much space we had as our foster homes and, of course, our foster homes are full,” McMaster told Fox.

“We don’t have room for children from another state or much less another country, particularly when the flow of those children and others could be stopped just by building the wall and doing the things that the Trump Administration was doing on the Mexican border.”

In a tweet Monday, McMaster said that the executive order ensures that South Carolina’s most vulnerable children come first and blasted the Biden administration for creating the “heartbreaking humanitarian crisis” on the border.


“This is not the people of South Carolina’s fault. This is not our responsibility. This was made by errors, misjudgments and a bad policy on the border. I was there last week. I saw the Trump wall — it’s big, it’s beautiful. Nobody can get over it — they stopped. You got tractors, excavators, all sorts of new equipment — millions of dollars — just sitting there,” McMaster went on to tell Fox.

“We have got to build that wall. If we have the wall and strong policies at the border, we don’t have these problems in the state. We have enough problems in the states right now without having this added to it.” (RELATED: Washington Post, Biden Claimed Early On The Migrant ‘Surge’ Was Just Seasonal. The Numbers For March Are Anything But Seasonal)