This Couples Comforter May Save Your Marriage, And It’s 15% Off

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From asking for directions to the best way to make eggs in the morning, husbands and wives will likely just agree to disagree at the end of the day. But when it comes to sleep temperatures, like whether or not to set a thermostat overnight, the conflict can be enough to send one of you straight to the couch for the night.

All kidding aside, differences in sleeping styles can be a real struggle for couples, especially during a time that should be nothing but relaxing and comfortable. But thanks to innovative devices like The Twovet Dual Heating & Cooling Couples Comforter, co-sleeping will no longer be a point of contention, as you can both sleep in different temperatures through the night, simultaneously.

While having two different comforters on your bed is certainly an option, it’s hardly practical. But with The Twovet Dual Heating & Cooling Couples Comforter, you can have the benefit of two different covers in one. Boasting one cool, thinner side and one warm, thicker side, you and your partner can sleep comfortably beside one another under the exact same blanket, eliminating chilly temps, hot flashes, or whatever else may bother you as you snooze.

Along with its dual temperatures, this must-have bedding is also incredibly comfortable, boasting a 100% pure cotton cover that’s incredibly soft to the touch. Couples also love its fluffy, cozy build thanks to its hypoallergenic fill that never clumps or loses its volume over time. It’s even machine washable!

Featured on Amazon, Mix and Chic, PRWeb, Newswire, and Startup Nation, The Twovet Dual Heating & Cooling Couples Comforter is great for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, or just a treat for you and your partner to enjoy. And right now, you can get it at 15% off, making it just $169 bucks down from $200!

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