DOJ: Father And Sons Allegedly Made $1 Million Selling Bleach As ‘Miracle Cure’ For COVID, HIV, And Cancer


Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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A Florida man and his three sons were indicted for selling bleach as a “miracle cure” for coronavirus and several other medical conditions, according to the Department of Justice.

Mark Grenon, 62, and his sons Jonathan Grenon, 34, Jordan Grenon, 26, and Joseph Grenon, 32, marketed a toxic industrial bleach as a “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS), falsely claiming that it cures COVID-19, cancer, autism, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions, the DOJ alleged.

The FDA had previously issued a warning statement urging consumers not to use MMS for any reason, as drinking the solution is the same as drinking bleach, The DOJ reported. (RELATED: Christina Cuomo Defends Use Of Bleach In Bathwater, Says She Is Feeling ‘So Much Better’)

The family allegedly sold tens of thousands of bottles across the nation under an entity they created called “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.” Mark Grenon admitted to using the “non-religious church” to “legalize the use of MMS” and avoid prosecution, the DOJ said.

The indictment alleges that the family members earned over $1 million dollars from selling MMS.

It also indicted the family members on one account of fraud and two accounts of criminal contempt, as they allegedly defied court orders.

The family continued to sell the product and threatened to “pick up guns” and start “a Waco” if the government tried to enforce the order, the DOJ alleged.

The family could face up to a lifetime in prison if convicted, The DOJ reported.