REPORT: Chris Cornell’s Family Finally Settles Lawsuit Against Doctor They Claimed Was Responsible For His Death

(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

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Chris Cornell’s family reportedly settled a lawsuit against the singer’s doctor, who the family claimed was responsible for Cornell’s death.

Court documents obtained by Fox News indicated the family and Dr. Robert Koblin had reached a confidential settlement, the outlet reported Friday.

“After years of litigation and settlement negotiations, Plaintiffs and Defendants … have reached a confidential settlement agreement to resolve all claims,” the Cornell family attorneys said in the documents filed April 2, according to Fox News. (RELATED: REPORT: Chris Cornell’s Stalker Arrested At His Concert)

The case “received significant media coverage and attention from fans of Mr. Cornell and allies of Plaintiffs,” the court filing said, according to the outlet. “Unfortunately, as with many celebrity cases, this action has also attracted the attention of troubled individuals who have harassed Plaintiffs, including by threatening the life and safety of Plaintiffs Toni Cornell and Christopher Nicholas Cornell.”

Cornell committed suicide May 18, 2017. Cornell’s family accused Koblin of prescribing the singer drugs that led to his erratic behavior in a lawsuit originally filed in 2018.

A coroner had ruled Cornell’s death a suicide by hanging. Lorazepam, barbiturates and the anti-opioid drug naloxone were all found in Cornell’s system, but were not listed as contributing causes to his death, Rolling Stone reported at the time.