Cat Jumps From Office Building On Fire, Lands On Feet, Walks Away

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Chicago Fire Media https://twitter.com/CFDMedia/status/1392939570380029953)

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A black cat survived after jumping out of a window of a multistory office building on fire Thursday in Chicago.

Chicago Fire Media shared a video on Twitter that shows the cat taking the leap and landing on its feet on the ground below. The video also caught people’s reactions to the cat risking its life.


“Nine lives for a cat that jumped from fire at 65th and Lowe,” the fire department tweeted. “Cat hit grass bounced and walked away!” (RELATED: REPORT: Two Good Samaritans Knock Down Fence, Charge Into Burning Building To Rescue Woman Trapped Inside)

Cats are such impressive creatures. I don’t clearly understand how they know how to land on all four feet when jumping out of the window five stories up, but they somehow know how to do it.

It’s awesome that the jump and landing were caught on video too. I’m just glad the survived and that Chicago Fire Media didn’t catch a nasty cat death on camera. That would not have been good.

The blaze the fire department had been working on had been contained to a single unit and was extinguished by fire fighters, Fox 8 reported.