‘His Words Caused People To Die’: Actor Seth Rogen Calls Ted Cruz A ‘Fascist,’ Cruz Strikes Back

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A spokesperson for Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at Seth Rogen in a Friday statement following the actor’s appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

“We know Sen. Cruz is busy fighting to save the country from Biden’s disastrous policies,” a spokesperson for the Texas senator told Fox News. “It’s surprising to see that he’s living rent free in Seth Rogen’s head at the same time.” (RELATED: ‘No F*cking Way’: Seth Rogen Reveals Tom Cruise Tried To Convert Him Into Scientology)

Rogen, during his interview with Colbert, doubled down on previous comments referring to Cruz as a “fascist” and argued that “his words caused people to die.


Colbert asked Rogen to elaborate on the ongoing “feud” with Cruz, but Rogen argued that the whole thing was, in his mind, pretty one-sided.

“If someone’s trying to murder someone with a baseball bat and someone is yelling at that person to stop, is that a feud? I don’t know if that’s a feud. I think feud implies two people hitting each other with baseball bats,” Rogen said. “I’m, like, Ted Cruz is a fascist. He denies the reality of the election. His words cause people to die, and I’m making jokes about it. Is that a feud? I don’t know. To me, it doesn’t seem like a feud. To me, seems like I’m pointing out the fact that he is a terrible man whose words have resulted in death.”

Rogen went on to argue that he didn’t believe it was fair to suggest that there was any equivalency between Republicans and Democrats, saying that it was a big problem in America to say that the right and the left were on equal footing.

“I was going to use the term ‘between the right and the left’ which makes it seem like two appendage as of the same creature, which I don’t think it is. I think one is — one is a creature and the other’s just trying to stop it from destroying the country, and, so, I don’t know if, like, is that a feud? I don’t know. Are those two things on the same level?” he asked.

He continued with the baseball analogy, saying that it was like a game in which one team was trying to score runs and the other team was trying to bludgeon the first team to death

“Is it like shocking that you’re not scoring as many runs as maybe you should be scoring? No, the other team is just trying to beat you to death with baseball bats, you know,” he said.

Colbert concluded by asking whether he would consider getting high with Cruz and whether that might benefit the senator.

“It would be beneficial to him because it would be humanizing him in some way to hang out with me, I would imagine,” Rogen replied, but ultimately dismissed the possibility of it ever happening because he didn’t believe he could ever say anything that would change Cruz’s views. “I’ve tried, honestly — there are people in my life who have held the beliefs — that hold the beliefs that Ted Cruz holds, and I really tried to engage with them throughout the last year, and ultimately it was horrifying”

Rogen had previously attacked Cruz back in January after the senator criticized President Joe Biden for rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

“By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh,” Cruz tweeted at the time. “This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.”

“F*ck off you fascist,” Rogen replied to the tweet.