‘This Guy Saves Countries’: Joy Behar Blows Off Bill Gates’ ‘Personal Peccadilloes’ — Like Ties To Epstein


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar suggested Monday that Bill Gates’ philanthropic contributions trumped any concerns about his personal habits — including ties to the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Behar argued on ABC’s “The View” that she did not have a problem with accusations of adultery and other “personal peccadilloes” because Gates had donated so much money and time to good causes. (RELATED: ‘Joan Of Arc, Standing Up To The Heretics’: Joy Behar Praises Cheney One Second, Bashes All Republicans The Next)


“New details have evolved in the details of the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg began, noting that Bill Gates admitted to having an affair some 20 years ago and that an article accused him of inappropriate behavior in the workplace and hitting on employees.

“You know, this guy saves countries. He saves countries,” Behar protested. “I don’t think his personal peccadilloes had any effect negatively on what he does for the world with his money. I’m a fan of his.”

Behar went on to argue that it was unfair to judge Gates’ personal habits because no one could ever measure up to perfection.

“I mean, this sort of idea that people have to be perfect, besides me, Whoopi, who else do you know that’s perfect? Nobody. Am I right or wrong?” she asked.

Goldberg joked that she was pretty close to perfection, but Behar continued.

“Right. Some of us are more perfect than others. Take FDR for example,” she added. “I happen to know from reading about FDR he had a tootsie on the side. Does that diminish the fact that guy saved the United States from depression? I’m not judging people who commit adultery and still do great things.”

In addition to an affair and inappropriate workplace behavior, Gates reportedly maintained a personal relationship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein despite Epstein’s conviction for soliciting underage girls for sex.