Former Navy SEAL-Turned-Actor Cade Courtley Claims He Left Hollywood Because He Couldn’t Express His ‘Love For This Country’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Victory Coffees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfEV-PcXJZ0)

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Former Navy SEAL-turned-actor Cade Courtley claimed he left Hollywood because he couldn’t express his “true core values.”

Courtley opened up about going from Navy SEAL to performing Hollywood stunt work during an interview with Fox News published Monday. Courtley even hosted his own show, “Surviving Disaster,” in 2009 before making the decision to leave Hollywood about five years ago, according to Fox News.

“I guess every individual has to make a decision,” Courtley told the outlet. “What’s important to you? Being able to freely express your opinions and your beliefs? Because if you can’t do that, I can’t think of anything more un-American than being afraid of expressing your opinion and if you express your opinion in that business.” (RELATED: Jessica Alba Reveals The Reason She Left Hollywood)

“You’re not going to be working in that business if you have patriotic or conservative values. That’s just the reality of that business,” he continued. “So I made a personal decision that my beliefs are more important than getting a pretty decent paycheck in that town and having my own TV show. And I am super happy with that decision.”

Courtley went on to create his own business, Victory Coffees. He pitched the business on “Shark Tank” back in 2016, but received no deal. Courtley is still in business.

“Now I can go out there and … tell the world that at Victory Coffees we believe in liberty, freedom and the Constitution of the United States and if you have a problem with that, just try and cancel us,” Courtley told Fox News. “Ain’t going to happen.”