Chicken Nugget Sells For $100,000 Due To One Ridiculous Reason

chicken nugget Shutterstock/BalancePhoto

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A McDonald’s chicken nugget sold Friday for nearly $100,000 on eBay due to its similarity to a character from the video game ‘Among Us,’ CNET reported.

The nugget was included as part of a meal combo that was from a partnership between McDonald’s and BTS, a South Korean pop music band. The delicacy was originally listed for $.99 after the customer realized the similarity.

“I had figured it would get somewhere around $50 but nothing like this,” Polizna, the eBay seller of the nugget told CNET. “At the end of the day there are some people out there who would pay some absurd price for a McDonald’s chicken nugget, but I don’t think the final bidder will actually go through with the purchase as there are lots of people who bid on things like this for the ‘memes.'”

‘Among Us’ is an online multiplayer game in which players are crew members on a spaceship that is journeying back to Earth, according to CNET. Players must keep the ship together while unknowingly under attack by a shape-shifting alien trying to kill the other players and sabotage the trip. The alien is disguised to look like the other players in the game. (RELATED: McDonald’s Strapped For Staff, Offers iPhone After 6 Months)

Polizna said that when the nugget is shipped to the highest bidder, it will be frozen and air-sealed beforehand to maintain its freshness.