This Portable Door Stop Alarm Is A Game-Changer For Travelers, And It’s On Sale For 30% Off

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With the world finally opening up again, you may find yourself staying in different places this summer. And while doors in hotel rooms and vacation rentals always have locks on them, feeling truly safe while you snooze can be next to impossible.

Until you can hire a personal bodyguard to stand outside of your door all night, this portable door stop alarm is the next best thing! DoorSTOP! looks like your typical wedge-shaped doorstop, but it’s anything but ordinary. Not only does its rubber backing keep the gadget in place and any door it’s sitting under from opening, but it boasts an ear-piercing alarm that can be heard throughout your home or wherever you’re staying, scaring unwanted intruders running.

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Designed to keep any unauthorized individuals from getting in your house, the DoorSTOP! is a great security tool to have on hand. And since it’s battery-powered with three AAAs, it’s completely wire-free and requires no installation. Simply put the thing under your door, and you’re done! That makes the device ideal for taking with you abroad as well as using it at home. In fact, it’s so portable, you can pop it into your purse or suitcase as easily as a phone or your keys.

Whether you’re headed to a vacation rental or could just use a little extra security at your very own front door, The DoorSTOP! portable alarm is a great way to feel safe and secure without having to do much at all. Manufactured by the trusted Flipo, you can trust that this innovative gadget will keep you and your family safe no matter where you are.

For a limited time, you can snag the DoorSTOP! Personal Security Door Stop Alarm for $34.99, 30% off its regular price.

Prices subject to change.


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