‘Quality Control With Jobob’: Teachers Unions: The Biggest Bully In Class

Daily Caller

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The Daily Caller is debuting a groundbreaking new show called “Quality Control with Jobob.”

Our host Jobob will provide you with a weekly dose of the news “without Don Lemon’s arrogance or John Oliver’s accent.”

In the pilot episode, Jobob provides trailblazing analysis of the biggest bully in schools throughout the country: America’s teachers unions. (RELATED: Friday Evening Dispatch: Woke Teachers Unions Are At It Again)


In this episode, Jobob makes sure viewers are aware of the distinct line between teachers — “the overwhelmingly wonderful people who are responsible for educating the future generation” — and teachers unions, “who look at Putin and say, ‘you call that bullying?’”

The episode delves into the despicable acts of the teachers unions during the COVID pandemic and how they’ve held students hostage while exploiting the pandemic for their financial benefit.