Man Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend Before Trying To Sell Car With Her Dead Body Inside, Police Say


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Tennessee man has been charged with murder for allegedly strangling his girlfriend before leaving her body in the back seat of a vehicle he was trying to sell, authorities announced Monday.

Robert Miquel Johnson, 31, allegedly murdered his 44-year-old girlfriend Pamela Paz. The Nashville Police Department said Paz died “from neck trauma and/or strangulation.”

Paz’s body was found under the Briley Parkway overpass the morning of May 2, authorities said. Johnson, however, allegedly spent the preceding day trying to sell her Dodge Charger – with the deceased Paz in the back seat.

Investigators said Paz put up a fight, according to her daughter Kendall Smith, who spoke to News 2. (RELATED: Man Charged For Murder Nearly 44 Years After He Allegedly Killed His Wife)

“They said she didn’t go down without a fight, that she put up a fight as hard as she could which in return made it not an easy death for her. Which for me, I think that was the hardest part for me to hear,” Smith reportedly said.

Police say they initially identified Johnson as a suspect. Johnson gave police an alibi which was later proven to be fake, police said.

Johnson was being held in a Wilson County jail on separate charges Monday and police said he would be booked in Nashville on the homicide warrant.

“It’s really hard for all of us,” Smith said, according to News 2.

Smith said her three siblings didn’t deserve this.

“My brothers don’t deserve this, my sister don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve that.”